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General Commercial Flooring Considerations

With commercial flooring, it is essential to consider the specific details of how the flooring will be used and fitted. There are various considerations you have to think about since flooring a highly trafficked hallway has completely different requirements to finding the ideal flooring for a medical office. However, while it may be difficult to decide on a flooring type, remember that there is always a solution to fit your commercial needs. 


Here is a list of 4 general commercial flooring considerations to think about before you purchase and jump into buying a flooring type. 




Depending on the commercial environment you’re shopping for, you will want to consider the maintenance of the flooring type. Regular vacuuming and brushing can keep your floors looking great, but this isn’t always practical enough for highly trafficked workspaces or places that don’t have a regular cleaning schedule. It’s recommended to stay away from light-coloured flooring in the likes of offices and opting for something darker than doesn’t show dirt or debris as easily. 


A mistake many commercial buyers make is carpeting their office space without consideration for the accidents that happen on a daily basis within an office space (we all know how badly coffee and tea can stain any carpet!). It may be that you choose a flooring type that showcases different coloured tones to combat any mess and distract from dirt that hasn’t been maintained. 

Cost and Installation


Staying within budget is a huge issue for many commercial clients as there is often a small budget to stick to but this isn’t always reachable. Before deciding on your flooring type, consider the cost of the flooring and the installation fees too. When discussing potential types of flooring with any supplier (including us!) you will want to make your budget clear so the sales specialist can direct you to the best type of flooring for your needs that is within budget. 


Keep in mind that there may not be something for your exact budget, especially if you’re looking at a luxurious flooring type that costs more to source and distribute. Always be flexible with your budgeting to an extent so that you don’t have to choose a flooring type that isn’t good enough for your project. It’s essential the flooring of your commercial space is correctly chosen as well as fitted. 




Environment plays a role in the choosing of a commercial flooring type since most commercial spaces are high traffic areas (between employees, clients and other customers). Ensuring your flooring suits your space and is durable enough for whatever you need is key. For example, hospital flooring needs to be light in colour (so that professionals can easily find any lost items on the floor) but it also needs to be able to withstand heavy objects such as hospital beds and other items too. Car dealerships are another great example where you may need to take extra considerations and ask yourself will the flooring withstand the heavy weight of moving vehicles. 


If you’re deciding on a flooring for outdoor commercial space you will most likely want concrete since it’s your best bet if the flooring will be exposed to natural elements such as snow, rain and sun. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function as there are various different concrete treatments that can update standard cement floors and make them stylish and sleek. Despite this, it’s still essential to consider the place your flooring will be because concrete floors aren’t ideal for anywhere other than the likes of schools, outdoor adventure parks and nature trails. 

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