Top Three Flooring Faux Pas

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Choosing the right flooring is often down to personal taste, and what fashionably works well or doesn’t. However, there are some definite flooring faux pas that you need to know about. Flooring mistakes to avoid that many people make without even realising. Decorating and flooring any property can be easily messed up if you don’t get it right. 


It’s surprising how much time flooring companies spend removing bad carpets or laminate flooring simply because someone hasn’t researched the basic faux pas as they should. Here is a list of the top three flooring faux pas to avoid and how they make or break a space…


The Colour and Pattern Clash


Each room in a property or house should have its own personality and feel, it’s only natural to want this. Still, it’s important to remember that it’s easy to accidentally clash colours when you don’t mean too. Different style and colour flooring in different rooms is perfectly fine but it’s more about ensuring these don’t clash too much at room boundaries. This is especially the case with patterns like flowers or prints when they’re placed next to each other. 


When comparing and contrasting colour and patterns of flooring it may be worth checking the thickness of each flooring since if they’re going in neighbouring rooms, you don’t want one floor thicker than the other. When choosing colours to individually go in rooms, perhaps take inspiration from websites like Pinterest which can give you an idea of how well colours complement each other or how they don’t work well at all. Opting for colours that don’t work together can ultimately break the feel of your space and leave you feeling dissatisfied. 


Carpeted Bathrooms


They may look good in photographs, but carpeted bathrooms are the ultimate flooring faux pas. Why? While carpets in bathrooms aren’t all bad news, they’re not practical and can lead to many accidents. Carpets hold water and moisture which is the best friend of any bathroom and unfortunately, a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. If you want to feel comfortable stepping out of the shower, bathmats are a great alternative to having a carpeted bathroom. Possibly the best flooring type for bathrooms and toilets is vinyl since it’s still attractive, easy to clean and waterproof which makes it the perfect bathroom flooring choice. Plus, it’s far less maintenance than carpet too. 


Avoid Light-Coloured Carpets in High-Traffic Areas

Light-coloured flooring can look sleek and elegant in any room but it’s simply bad news if you have a highly trafficked area within any property. The light-coloured carpet or flooring is going to get discoloured and worn out a lot quicker than if you choose a darker colour. While you can clean it often or replace it every few years, it still doesn’t make for a good look. Living rooms, and office spaces are the most trafficked areas for any home or business which see the most spillages and accidents happening as well as the most people walking around and wearing down the carpet. The avoid this common flooring faux pas, choose a flooring colour that is darker, and you won’t regret it; dark colours are actually on trend right now in 2020 anyway so it’s a win-win!

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